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Programme lead: Michelle Joyce

An apprenticeship is a high-quality on-the-job training programme that runs concurrently with an existing job role and also allows individuals to study for a formal qualification. The programme, which lasts for a minimum of 12 months, requires roughly 20 percent of all working time to be dedicated to training and coursework or doing something ‘outside of the normal day job. Apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers – this is a common misconception – they’re open to anyone at any age, career stage or band level. Those embarking on one are able to further enhance their personal and professional development.
What was delivered

In April 2019, the new apprenticeship course commenced:

  • Level 6 BSc in Real Estate Management  – apprentice: Sal Uddin
  • Level 4 Associate Project Manager – apprentice: Irene Beffa Sanchez
  • Free high-quality training
  • People development
  • Staff retention
  • Address skill gaps and succession planning
  • Minimal impact on budget
Apprentice stories

Irene Beffa Sanchez

I’m Irene Beffa Sanchez. I work in Planning and Land Services based in London as a team organiser to Tom Higginson, our team’ Director.

While I’ve only been in the apprenticeship for four months, I’ve already been able to see the opportunities it is going to allow me, to help progress both my career and personal development. It has been challenging at times, but thankfully I have great support from my line manager and the team.

Having the opportunity to learn from colleagues who are experts in the field and who give me guidance and support has been a great experience. I would recommend the apprenticeship to anyone who is looking to progress their professional development and is up for a challenge to improve themselves.

Sal Uddin

I’m Salman Uddin and I am a technical surveyor covering the Anglia Portfolio for the Freight Team within Network Rail’s Property function at London Eversholt Street.

My Network Rail funded Chartered Surveyor apprenticeship scheme (Commercial Real Estate Pathway) started back in April 2019. It includes:

  • BSc [Hons] Real Estate Management (two modules per semester)
  • Professional practice workshop programme
  • 24-month structured training for APC
  • End-point assessment.

So far, I have passed my first semester, which consisted of a module on ‘Building, Environment, Technology and Framed Structures’ and another on ‘Economics of Property Construction’. I will be starting my second semester in October 2019, which will consist of a module on ‘Legal Studies’ and another on ‘People and Organisation Management’.

My experience of studying with University College of Estate Management (UCEM) has been very positive. They provide additional learning support to their apprentices, with the help of an apprenticeship outcomes officer and an apprenticeship support tutor. The additional 20 percent ‘off the job study time’ has been very beneficial as I’ve been able to manage my time for this course efficiently. My line manager has also helped me adjust my workload to aid with time management.

Visit the Network Rail training site

Network Rail training site

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