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Programme lead: Scott Fisher
Audience: Everyone
Launching 2019


We identified a gap in our induction to Property, with both new employees and hiring managers stated that there are inconsistencies of inducting new colleagues into the business.

To provide a better experience that drives better engagement and confidence from day one, we have captured experiences across the business to identify what works well and areas to improve.

  • Provide a consistent approach to induct new hires
  • As a result, the hire feels engaged and confident from day one
  • Enables a clear understanding of what our business does and what part the new hire’s role supports
  • Demonstrate our business cares about their employees
  • Improved corporate reputation.
Next steps
  • Deliver a new Property induction for new joiners to provide an insightful, robust and consistent approach to reduce stress and increase confidence of the new joiner
  • Define and deliver robust and relevant content through a digital channel educating on new hires on our business from vision to values to drive engagement.

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Network Rail training site

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