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Mentoring and Coaching

Programme lead: Gareth Bell & Kirsten Durie
Audience: Everyone
Launching: Now

The Property department actively encourage personal development and as such we have launched two schemes for Property to support you; Mentoring and Coaching.

Coaching aims to enhance an individual’s performance through conversations that explore factors impacting that person’s ability to be at their best and fulfil their potential. The role of a coach is to improve performance by focusing on specific skills and goals. Coaching offers: a time to think, leadership transition and empowering parents.

Mentoring refers to a personal developmental relationship in which an experienced person helps a less experienced person. It is a process for sharing knowledge relevant to work, career, or professional development.

Coaching Mentoring
The role of a coach is to improve performance by focusing on specific skills and goals Mentors are assigned based on their experience and how this links in with a mentees desired output of the mentoring relationship
This can cover personal attributes such as social interaction or confidence Longer-term relationship with a more experienced colleague
The emphasis is on performance at work Usually more varied than the specific focuses typical of coaching
This relationship would typically be over a defined period The ideal mentoring relationship is one where both parties learn from each other and develop throughout the relationship
There will be measurable objectives at the end of it. A mentor could help with a broad range of topics within the workplace, which can change over time.
Coaching Mentoring
Provides challenge and different perspectives to broaden your thinking Support and help for professional and personal development
Develops strategies to help you achieve your business and personal goals Advise on how to progress and gain new experiences in the company
Grows self-awareness and understanding of what drives you Support with setting and achieving goals
Explores relationship dynamics and helps you to create the culture you want Improve networking across the business and build relationships with people outside your department/area
Develops confidence and courage to drive change Help to find solutions to specific challenges
Challenging yourself to a longer-term career vision and what is important to you. Receive objective feedback, advice and encouragement.
Next Steps
Coaching Mentoring
If you have a specific goal, concern or area for improvement, then coaching would be the most suitable option for you. If you are looking to build a long-term relationship to help you in broader areas of work and your career, then mentoring may be a better fit for you.
The coaching programme will be open soon. For more information, please speak to Kirsten Durie. To apply for the mentoring programme, please complete and return the application form to HR Property or for more information, please speak to Gareth Bell.
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