If you’re on the lookout for new business premises, if you’re one of the UK’s increasing number of small to medium sized business, if you want business space in some of the UK’s prime City centre locations; but with affordable rents, then we might just have the property for your business.

Specialising in renting commercial property to SMEs across the UK and well known for our railway arch property, located in many major UK towns and cities, we also have purpose built business space available on various business locations from Torquay to Inverness.

Flexibility and Support

As a small business landlord we know how important it is to have great locations, affordable rents and flexible terms with support services when needed. Our flexible rental packages are designed for the key needs of the small businesses we serve. With key features such as: RPI linked rents; so you can plan your finances, a three month notice period; so if you’re growing faster than you thought, we can help you expend into a larger unit. We also include monthly direct debits as a way to spread the cost across the year and help with your small business cash flow.

Small Business Space

Our small business space includes offices units, shops, leisure space, restaurants and light industrial units, with rental space from 100 sq ft upwards. We are also continually developing new property across the UK and if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our property search then why not get in touch and we may have a new property in the pipeline to match your criteria.