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For more information about what you as a tenant are responsible for, watch the following video:

As one of Network Rail's customers you will have a number of responsibilities:

  • Pay the rent in full on the dates shown in your agreement.
  • Pay rates, electricity, gas, water, phone and any other costs charged against the property or the occupier.
  • Make sure you keep the property in good repair.
  • Apply in writing to your Portfolio Manager for permission to carry out any improvements or alterations to the property. Written permission must be received before any work is carried out.
  • Apply in writing to your Portfolio Manager for permission for any changes to the use of the property. Written permission must be received before any changes can be made to the property use.
  • Give notice in writing to your Portfolio Manager if you want to end your tenancy. This will usually be either three or six months. Please refer to your agreement.
  • Not cause nuisance to neighbours and  the local public
  • Adhere to all local and national regulations

Acetylene information

Acetylene is a highly flammable and explosive gas and poses a significant safety risk to the railway. A fire near acetylene is extremely dangerous.

It is treated by the Fire Service as an explosive and an exclusion zone of 200 metres around the scene of the fire is immediately set up. The exclusion zone stays for a minimum of 24 hours resulting in the following:

  • Trains being stopped incurring severe delays
  • Road closures
  • Surrounding businesses shut
  • People evacuated

The cost of disruption can amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds and in some cases millions.

This can result in third-party claims for losses being made against the company or person responsible. Many businesses now use alternatives to acetylene which work just as well but pose far lower risks.

Please note: Customers must have written permission from Network Rail before they store any fuel gas in the property.

Download Guide to your maintenance responsibilities (188.1kb)

Download Acetylene Alternatives (105.0kb)

Download Arch Inspection Leaflet (309.2kb)

Download Customer Welcome Pack (3.3mb)

Download NR Tenant Regulations (3.1mb)

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I walked around the building and peered into next door’s and couldn’t believe the amount of space you got. I contacted Network Rail the next day and it all went from there.      

Gerald Armin  Waterloo East Theatre

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