Rental packages, insurance & advice

Solutions: a flexible lease package tailored to your needs

Solutions benefits our tenants by combining annual, index-linked rent increases with monthly payment by direct debit and a short termination periods, making annual budgeting much easier.

  • Rent increases linked to Retail Price Index (RPI)
    Steady, predictable increases over time rather than a rent review every three years.
  • Monthly payments by direct debit
    Rental payments spread across the year, replacing larger, quarterly payments.
  • Three month notice period
    Gives you the flexibility to upgrade or downsize your premises according to your business needs.

We fully support the RICS voluntary lease code and are working to encourage other landlords to adopt more flexible leases.

To discuss being on a Solutions agreement, speak to our Customer Service Team on 0800 916 8895

In some cases we will propose an alternative form of agreement – such as a lease for a defined period. Check the property particulars to see which agreement applies to your preferred property.

Building insurance

By law, business owners must have adequate insurance.

Due to the unusual nature of our arch premises we offer tailor made, competitive insurance, which is specially designed to make sure your premises are covered.

The policies are competitively priced because we insure our assets through the same insurers and can pass on the benefits of our purchasing power to you as cheaper premiums.

Independent advice

Our team is here to help you with your small business lettings, however you may need to get independent advice and in certain situations we may recommend it.

Below are official organisations which offer independent advice on property matters. They will also have information about practices in your area.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 0870 333 1600

British Property Federation, 020 7828 0111

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